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Weddings abroad
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Everywhere, for you!
I've been traveling regularly, for over 12 years, almost everywhere in the Caribbean and abroad in order to capture this amazing adventure with you.

The hot sun, the sand under your toes and the gentle sea breeze are reasons why you decided to say "Yes, I Do" on the beach? I travel for your wedding in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica and many more country.
Unfortunately, I don't accept any contract in Cuba.

Europe & Others
Are you getting married in a country other than Canada/US and the Caribbean? Send me a message! I love discovering new countries, and I could offer you a special rate (OR EVEN FREE) depending on the destination.

The Investments

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8-hour coverage
A "Trash the Dress or Sunrise" session
500+ edited images to download

(*Value of $4350 for an equivalent package here in Canada)


- 8-hour coverage
- 2-hour coverage during the stay to offer as mini portrait sessions to your guests.
- An engagement session (in Canada or at destination)
- A "Trash the Dress or Sunrise" session
- 900+ edited images to download


(*Value of $5850 for an equivalent package here in Canada)

A 7 days all-inclusive traveling package
from Montreal or Ottawa is required and not included in the photo packages

As the majority of hotels offer “gratuities” (free ticket, only payable taxes apply) for wedding group, it is standard that this gratuity serves to cover my travelling and hotel expenses.

Useful Informations

You will find below a short summary of a few key pieces of information on how I work and advantages associated with using my photography services versus those offered by hotels

Each and every package includes a minimum of 8 hours of my services on your wedding day. A key advantage of my services is that if it is raining on your wedding day or there is a storm, I will, at no cost, retake pictures on a more favourable day during the week (as I will be with you all week). This ensures that you can have pictures with magnificent outdoor scenery, instead of being limited by interior décor such as a hotel lobby, in case of inclement weather.

I offer my services in both French and English, which is a key advantage when interacting with unilingual family members


Upon return from the trip, being both Canadian, it is much easier for us to keep in touch. If you have any special requests upon your return or overtime lose your images, I assure you that I will help you find a solution. I keep images (life time) and I will be in a position to provide them to you so you can forever cherish the memories of your special day.

Images found in my portfolio (web site, blog, Instagram or Facebook) have all been taken by myself and myself only. You can have peace of mind that the images that I will take on your special day will be similar. This is very different from what you will see from hotel photographers portfolio as they work in teams, and images in their portfolio are from a variety of photographers – some less experienced then others which makes it difficult for you to truly know the end-result you can expect.

All of the images are edited with great care to ensure they look natural while considering the setting, from extravagant sky scenery to undesirable people or objects on the beach, to little unwelcome small pimple, etc.

For a small fee, during the week I also offer (if time permits) to family members interested mini portrait sessions on the beach or around the resort. Family members can take advantage of this special moment to obtain beautiful images of their family.

I have Up to date and high quality equipment and I have followed advanced training (lights and up to date style). This is not necessarily the case of services offered by Southern country hotels due to their financial situation or country culture. Consequently, my services offer high quality imagea, style of poses and the result of the lightning technics used are superior. I completed my training in photography in 2001, and I have been doing wedding photography for now over 18 years. I photographed over 450 weddings, 45 of them being Southern destination weddings. This extensive experience has confronted me to a variety of situations and I am well positioned to adjust to whatever the situation requires.


Unlike hotel photographers or unlike the packages I offer for local weddings, it is possible to divide (split) my time on your wedding day. For destination weddings, it is very frequent to have some free time between wedding activities due to the hotel scheduling and/or limited time required to travel between venues. As an example, if the ceremony is at 14h and the dinner is only at 18h30 or 19h, it would be typical to photograph activities between 14h and 16h30-17h (which would include the ceremony, family pictures, wedding party and couple pictures). We can then hold-off photography activities between 17h and 18h30. This gives you time to refresh and relax before dinner activities. It also provides you with this additional time that can either be added to photograph preparation activities or evening activities.

Regardless of the selected package, you will be provided with all images in a high resolution format (enables you to have images printed as desired on your own and without any quality issues, even when printing large formats). Being very critical with pictures taken of myself, I much rather have you select the images that you like. Accordingly, I will not perform any image selection and will only delete lighting test and missed image (e.g. someone who walked in-front of my camera lens). In addition, a copy of many images will be provided in black and white. Therefore, you will not receive a limited number of images but rather be provided with between 500 and 1000 images



Reservation & Deposit

The way I function for official reservation is that only a deposit is required for my ticket. This will be sufficient to reserve my services (a contract signed by myself will be provided to you to confirm my presence and services).

For the photo package, a deposit of 50% (of the total cost) is required only one week before the departure for your destination wedding.

The second and final photo package payment is only required at the end, when I provide you with your downloadable image gallery, which will be at the latest 5 weeks after your wedding.

My rates are in Canadian currency (dollars). Accordingly, you do not have to plan for any exchange rates. I accept without any problem payments by credit card or e-transfers.

As the majority of hotels offer “gratuities” (free ticket, only payable taxes apply) for group weddings, it is standard that this gratuity serves to cover my travelling and hotel expenses.

AIRPORT Since I live between Montreal and Ottawa you can select the airport of your choice (based on cost of packages) between Ottawa and Montreal. I do not charge any additional travel cost to depart from these two airports.

As I travel a number of times annually, I have annual travel insurance. The insurance covers the cost of the ticket in case of cancellation for cause of sickness, loss of luggage and medical insurances. Accordingly, it is not necessary to add this amount to the reservation of my airline ticket



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